Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wow, it has been a while again. Since my last post, I have been laid off from the GED job I had, but a couple weeks ago, I started working for a small business, and I am loving the work as well as the wonderful people that hired me. I am working part time, but hope to get more hours as time goes on.

I have a new hobby as well, I make polymer clay beads to make my jewelry out of. I still use store bought beads to accent the ones I make. Here are a few examples of some beads I made yesterday.

And here are some of the jewelry I make out of bead I made.

Other than this stuff, things are about the same, except that BJ graduated, and was 4th in her graduating class. I am very proud of her. She plans on going to community college and taking business management.

So that about sums up what has been going on in my life.
God bless you all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's been another month

Well, it has been another month, and I am still working for the GED office. It is part-time, but at least I still have a job. I have applied for another job, but haven't heard anything back from it. I would love to keep the job I have, but I need a full time job, with benefits would be nice. But I will take what the Good Lord gives me, and I will be thankful with what I have. When he wants me to find another job, he will lead me to it. 

I find myself sometimes getting very melancholy lately. I miss John so very much this time of the year. I know that he is no longer in pain, and I know that God called him home, but the human side of me just wishes I could have one more hug from his precious arms. Just one more,"I love you, mommy," from his precious lips. One more glimpse of that twinkle of mischeviousness in his beautiful brown eyes. I try not to dwell on all that, because I know that it just opens the heartache that I feel every day wide open. I go on with life, because  that is just what I have to do. I take every day as the blessing it is, but still wonder what he would have been like as a 16 year old boy, who he would like, would he have a girlfriend and if so what kind of girl she would be. All the pondering of what things would be like are useless, I know, but a mother that looses their child just can't help but wonder. Or at least I can't help but wonder about these things. But life goes on, and so must I. At least until it is my turn to be called to the Lord.

Until the next post, I pray that God blesses and keeps you all safe and happy.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, there are only a little over two more months in this year. It seems like this year has just flown by. I graduated from the tech school with 2 diplomas, and I have been working for the adult education program through the tech school since graduation. It has been a temporary job, but I fell in love with it none the less. Today was my last day, or at least it may have been. The lady that was out that I was covering for is coming back Monday, so unless they find another position for me then I will be out looking for another job. I won't know until my supervisor calls me or I go in Monday morning whichever comes first. I am praying for them to find me a position, but it will be up to the Good Lord to make the call. He is in control. I have realized while going through all the things during John's treatment and since his death that no matter how much we think we are in control, or try to convince ourselves that we are in control, we are not. God is in control. We control our actions, and have free will, but he is in control of the results of our actions and the results of other's actions in our lives. I am so comforted to know that He is always there for me, and that if I let him guide me and I follow His laws, in the end I will live with Him in the glory of heaven. I feel sorry for those that haven't learned that yet, and I pray that they will realize it before it is to late.

May He bless you all as He has me!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

In honor of John's Birthday.

This, Too, Shall Pass Away
By: Lanta Wilson Smith

When some great sorrow, like a mighty river,
Flows through your life with peace-destroying power,
And dearest things are swept from sight forever,
Say to your heart each trying hour:
"This, too, shall pass away."

When ceaseless toil has hushed your song of gladness,
And you have grown almost too tired to pray,
Let this truth banish from your heart its sadness,
And ease the burdens of each trying day:
"This, too, shall pass away."

When fortune smiles, and, full of mirth and pleasure,
The days are flitting by without a care,
Lest you should rest with only earthly treasure,
Let these few words their fullest import bear:
"This, too, shall pass away."

When earnest labor brings you fame and glory,
And all earth's noblest ones upon you smile,
Remember that life's longest, grandest story
Fills but a moment in earth's little while:
"This, too, shall pass away."

Today would have been my son, John's, sixteenth birthday.  I miss him still, just like the day he passed away. I try not to let it get me down, but I still have those days that really get to me.  But I was at my new job, I started about 5 weeks ago, and I was getting some things ready for my supervisor when I came upon the poem that is above, and a peace came over me. I thought in honor of my precious son, I would post it here so that maybe someone else's pain might be eased as well.

I love and miss you son!
May God bless us all!